Saturday, December 3, 2011

They drink heavy in Eugene! Ducks win.

n even heavier across the rivers in Springfield Oregon. I just moved from Hayward CA. It's a suburb  of Oakland and San Francisco. Trees are more common than dirt up now. I heard it dries up a few months after harvest. Land is cheap and there are tons of lightly guarded native and public lands. The country is beautiful. I love it. The bay is a very unique place and so is Lane County. Oregon State, Corvallis is even more beatfuil sceneary; rivers, lakes and mountains, I found my little college mounatin town. .

It's fucking meth fucking city up here. The dopehaeds are just as ruthless as the ones from the Bay. They are worse because there are way less people. Thieves are crawling bars and shopping centers looking for marks. I was expecting this, but damn. I was eating dinner and a guy was picking up an order. The college aged waitress   packed up the last of the Lo Meng or something Oriethial...By the time he left, his bike was gone. Thieves, gyspys and people stuck in bad situations, all looking for a break, are you it?

Let's hope not, cause a pack of ciggrrattes, case of beer and tree go a long way, a fucking long way. They love to barter up here, trees, meth, thizz. They do it big up here, I dig it. So if your in Lane County, holler and be EASY.

And the police aint got shit to do except kick the bums out of Springfield and give people DUIs for smoking pot and then driving. :(

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