Sunday, November 14, 2010

NFL Week 10: Almost Thanksgiving, When Things Get Interesting.

Yesterday wasn't a total wash, I didn't get to pick any college games or watch any, but the day was productive. The story and game I want to go back and watch is, Oregon barley beating CAL. California showed they can play with the elite teams, that should be a great story leading into the big game and next year. How sick was the Raiders game. Raider fan needed that, the league needed that. Al Davis needed that like a (insert bad joke about Oakland). Week ten, the big stories, Raiders in contention for the AFC West, Randy Moss being pass around like dubbie at a rock concert, the Chiefs leading the west, Jerryland crumbling in Dallas, Matty Ice Ryan and the Falcons, 7-2, the 49ers still having a chance in the NFC West and many other things to talks about. Some might look at the league not having an undefeated team in week 7 and see seemingly mediocrity, the half empty view. The league seems to be getting more depth, all around the field, with most divisions having more than 2 contending teams. The coaches deserve some credit, preparation for role players and number twos. The NFL is a next man up league, the team that can fill those spots, best will always contend. This year, it seems the biggest stories are not on the field, yet. But the biggest was on display Thursday. Two emerging Pro Bowl quarterbacks, Joe Flacco of the Ravens and Matt Ryan of the Falcons. Matty Ice, was exactly that leading his team to victory in on the final drive. 

Tennessee +1

Vince Young it still injuried and will not play. Veteran Kerry Collins will play care taker as coach Jeff Fisher will pound the ball with that beast of a running back, Chris Johnson. The under looks good in this game, Miami will be looking to pound the Titans defense into a bloody pulp like Manny did Margarito face last night. Tennessee with a late field goal for the win. Who is this Moss guy they keep talking about?

Kansas City-1

The Chiefs are looking to rebound against a division opponent and avoid two divisional losses in a row. The mile high stadium will be loaded with mile high fans hungry for the third win of the season. Denver will be looking to stop the run, and they haven't had much success this season, ranked 31st in opponent rushing. Kansas City will pound it, so the under looks great with the top rushing team in the league. In more off the field news, former De La Salle standout, DJ Williams was arrested for driving under the influence. His second DUI landed him a stiff fine and maybe a few quarters in suspension this week.

New England+5

Match up of the week. Brady, Big Ben, must watch football nuff said. Brady and the points...easy money.

St. Louis +4.5
San Fransisco

2010 NFL SEASON RECORD: 27-22-3


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