Sunday, October 10, 2010


After a successful week it is important to stay with your bank roll management plan. Do not get over confident and stick with your normal size bets, you need to survive the swings of gambling. If you feel the need to put big money a a game, spread it over several games, hedge your bets a little. Great advice coming off a 5-0 NFL week last and a 4-1 college Saturday, yesterday. Must watch Monday night, Favre, Moss. Ryan and Sanchez, Revis island and the crazy coach. Biggest surprise so far, the Chiefs are the only undefeated team left in the league. They play the Colts, will it last, probably not. But will they cover, maybe the spread seems awfully high.It was a great college Saturday, will the pro day exceed the expectations?

Green Bay

Washington + 3

Skins and the pints at home. The past and future meet in this great and intriguing QB match up. Game will come down to a field goal. The Redskins fans haven't been this excited since, when were the Sins good? I do believe that was before my time. Mcnabb, Rodgers, freakn nuff said.

Denver +7


Orton can sling it. But will he make a mistake, and the Ravens could easily put this game out of reach not let them linger around like average defenses. Baltimore at home. A rule I usually live by is not betting against Ray Lewis and his defensive. But the Broncos looked impressive against the Tennessee defense they are way better than getting 7 points on the road.

Kansas City +8


Kansas City has looked like the class of the AFC West. Above average, good defense, steady offense around the Castle.

Tennessee +6


Picks on the wire. Always get your picks in early, but not too early. Injuries and the line can change. Get up early, take care of it, make those deadlines. Dallas has big expectations, look for them to struggle early but reddem themselves and possibly blow out the Titans. But coaches match ups are always key. Jeff Fischer is a better, more proven coach than the Cowboy's Wade Phillips. The Titans will be ready for a fight and make this game close, a field goal will decide.

Minnesota +5

N.Y. Jets

Must watch, game of the week. Sensational story lines, a new face to the old Vikings. If Moss can deliver, will the perception of the Hoody change? Will questions start to boil, or does 3 Super Bowls assure you the respect of the league for the rest of your career. Well, if it works that way, I understand, he's a walking legend, with the final chapters yet to be written,. Just watch, the hype machine will get u hyped for this one, believe me! A last question, will the Raiders have a home game televised this year, not looking that way.

2010 NFL Record 15-7-1


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