Sunday, October 3, 2010


Balled it, 5-0 last week. Most of these game this week had the initial feeling of staying away. Rule #1 if you lack confidence, stay away. Choose your battles wisely! A buddy learned a new rule, the hard way. College is rough some times. But this is Sunday, a new day. The NFL day. So the NFL rule I heard is no road dogs in divisional games. College is amateur but has a great style, hella games. NFL is professional, teams easier to follow, less changes each year. Week 4 get er going. Quarter of the season after this week. Seasons are being proclaimed over and divisional hunts are lurking. PICKS PLEASE!

Denver +7


One of the rules might be no road dogs. But non-division, NFL road dogs 7 tough points. Top ranked passing offense under Kyle Orton, passing, coach McDaniels, bred to coach. Taking a long shot at Tebow. The more I learn about this guy, the I like his style. The AFC West is a tougher division then what they get credit for, much like the NFC West will be at the end of this year and the next few years. Maybe not top tier but moving on up.

Baltimore +2.5


Baltimore, road dogs, hall of fame defense,. #1 ranked secondary. Rules say lay the points but I cannot bet against that Ravens defense. Pittsburgh looked impressive against a improving Tampa Bay squad. Charlie Batch is coming off an excellent showing in spot duty until big Ben gets back. Looks to be a head banger. Wish, Dennis Dixon, hadn't got hurt, bad luck again. He'll get an opportunity in the future. Thats what the NFL is all about, next MAN UP! Be sure is have the speaker blasting, the hat will be banging, and some body bell will be rung.

San Fransisco

Atalanta -6.5

Luv home favs!The average Niners. Their record doesn't reflect the talent, effort and passion of the team and head coach. Firing the offensive coordinator, the 6th one in 6 years. Thats instability, and they say the Raiders are unstable. The above average Falcons. The Falcons have taken, a QB, a defense. They might be legit. If they beat up on the 49ers, unlike the Saints they are legit, if anyone was questioning them.

Arizona +10

San Diego

Almost last in rushing yards allowed. A great showing against a Raiders defense thats has been hit and miss. Blow up a fool or swing and miss a tackle. Play for the kick and miss that ish. Chargers, top ranked team. With something to prove, at home. Seattle is better than the predicts know, they hung tough for awhile. Look for the same, Ariaonza hopefully doesn't lay an egg in the second half or something like that. Coach em up Wizenhunt!

Washington +6


Must See TV. Ooh the hype machine was in full effect. McNabb, Vick. Nuff said. Classic match. Way closer than 6 points, What do the lines makers know? To entice action, makes sense. Whose not betting Washington and the points? Ya, road dogs homey. And the FLIP FLOP, Kolb who? YEEeee

Chiacgo +3.5

New York.

If rule #2 is don't bet against Brady, rule #1 is don't bet agianst Mannig, O little brother. New York, is shaken, but at home. Might pull it out by a field goal, still a winner! Jay Cutty, road dogs, another one? Damn. Lets do it.

New England -1


Monday night special redeemer. Remember the goal of the sports book is to entice action, and the action is probably heavy on Brady and the Pats. Right? Whose taking the Dolphins as a int dogs?Henne? Chad, come on man. New England in a route. If all your games loose, bet the rent money on this one! Brady Pays -1, easy money double it chic.

2010 NFL Record 11-4-1


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