Friday, October 8, 2010


A fans paradise. My favorite part of the year, MLB playoff getting stated college football getting into the thick of the schedule and pro ball turning the quarter way point. SF Giants looking good. The whole bay seems a little excited, SF fans seem too excited, you need bats to win. Giants have the pitching even without Zito, can they score enough runs?

Damn, some might think a tough week is 4-5. could have been a lot worse, or better. The a roller coaster among other things. When a team comes in 10 point dogs and gets blown out by 50 something, careers might be at stake, coaches are nervous. Was that a statement, some think, I believe Kansas might prove them selves to be that bad. Big rivalry game, Kansas at home, great football. On to the picks, O... who did the Vikings get???

Michigan St

Michigan -5.0

The best defense Robinson has faced this year. Was the rule no road dogs in college ball. Michigan in a route. Michigan has an opportunity to prove they will own the Big Ten this year and compete for a national championship.

Minnesota +22


I don't want to contradict myself too quickly but 22 points is a whole bunch. Big Ten rivals, division rival will be the exception. Who said rules were made to be broken.? No blow out here, a touch down will separate this game. Did a friend say divisional rivals are the exception to road dogs, or was the the pro game.

Boston College

NC State -10.0

The Wolfpack in a flesh tearing shredding of an opponent. The best cheer after a score, the WOOOOOLF howl. BC is almost 100th in points for and 108 in rushing yards. You gotta mnove the ball, they cannot, nuff said.

So. Cal + 10


The line moving only means one thing, there is money moving. A 3 point swing is not too much, don't be surprised to USC win this outright. Already playing with a chip on their shoulder, good teams do not loose two in a row. Give me the points, on the road, u beazy,

San Jose St+38


whole lotta points, San Jose will will loose but not that bad.



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