Friday, October 15, 2010

Answering some clown on the FB.

Citizens united made our fascist state official. Corruption is legal. Government was deemed for the private profit, not the public good.
1) Direct expenditures through trade associations or other special tax-exempt entities which expressly advocate the election, or defeat, of a particular candidate. Such outlays were forbidden by federal election law that was voided by the Court on First Amendment grounds in January of this year.


Hartman sums the problem up the best. How they destroy the public good and get the pubic to support destroying that good.

Hartman and I have moved past the Right/Left paradigm and realize it's about workers and corporations.

"I have heard nothing about business spending that much money this primary cycle."

Lay off the corporate cable news. The news channels get paid each time a political ad runs on their network and the other channels the networks own. These ads get you access to the voters. Without that $ you do not have the same access. Fox and MSNBC have the same agenda, $.

Wouldn't it be a better system, and we would find the best STATESMEN if they both STARTED WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY. The one who spends it most wisely and wins the most votes.

Speech shouldn't be limited by the amount of money you have to raise to get your ads on the TV. Do you want your lawmakers making laws or fund raising?

Lawmaking please!

"I have heard nothing about business spending that much money this primary cycle."

REALLY??? no really?

"A sluggish economy hasn't slowed political donations this campaign season."

"So much cash is now flowing to both parties that the 2010 election is on track to be the expensive midterm in history."

"votes for bigger Government, and job killing regulations."

Less talking points and more independent thought.

We need sensible regulation to protect oil rig workers, miners and regulates for off shore drilling. BIG GOVERNMENT TO regulate home loans. Can you equate these recent disasters with with regulations being violated, for the private profit. The problem is the corporations who choose to violate and destroy any laws that affect their profit, like laws prohibiting mortgagees that adjust after a small teaser rate. How are regulation the enemy, how is government the enemy? Orwell would of not been surprised.

more articles on influence peddling in elections.

"By a stark 64 to 27 percent margin, voters oppose this decision, with 47 percent strongly opposed. A majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents are opposed, but independents show the strongest antagonism, with 72 percent disagreeing with the ruling"

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