Sunday, September 26, 2010


So the little brother, buffalo not circling the wagons, and the Warner less Cardinals messed up my picks last week. Lessons learned never bet on the little brother, never listen to Berman when he says the Bills will circle the wagons. But this thats gambling, I have a feeling they might this circle them this week against division rival New England. N why did a friend try n use a friends ID at the club and the bouncer said it was my id. WTF...No one has ever told me I look like that friend. N why would I let him use my ID, like, he wasn't gonna card me. Whatever, we took our business else where.

Tennessee Titans +3

New York Giants

Ground and pound but a Manning might bust it open in the new stadium. Little brother might get the the best of the Tennessee secondary but it will be close. The under looks good. Both teams will be hitting hard, a test of wills for teams with high expectations.

Dallas Cowboys +3

Houston Texans

They say don't bet with your emotions or your rooting interest. This is why I'm taking America's team and the points. There is noting I'd like to see more than the Cowboys loose to their in state little brother and start the season zero and THREE. That stadium will be rocking, Houston will come out strong but fade late. Romo will carry the Boys and get them back on track.

San Francisco 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs +3

Alex Smith and the Niners look impressive in that loss Monday Night. So it looks like the 49ers have a QB. So do the Chiefs and the ever strengthening Castle being built around him. Always pick home dogs, or was that college?

New York Jets +2½

Miami Dolphins

The Jets beat a top team last week after laying an egg the other week. Road dogs are just cool. Miami has a aquad but the Jets, is this beccase their at home or how they looked agianst Baltinore in their opener. Either way the action looks enticing.

San Diego Chargers

Seattle Seahawks +5½

My favorite new head coach is Petet Carrol. He brought in his own USC studs. He commands respect in the locker room and know how to coach them up and get them exited yo play, every play. Home dogs, come on man. The Seahawks whomped the Niners at home. The Niners hung with the Saints. The Hawks and the 12th man will make a game of this.


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