Saturday, September 18, 2010

NFL WEEK 2: Proving UR worth.

Gambling lesson # 1 Do not bet with your emotions or rooting interests. Sure it's fun and way more interesting, but usually they'll get ya. Rule #1 for this season stay away from any Raiders game. The Raiders are laying 3 points against the Rams. I am staying away from this game like a home Raider game on local television. Seriously, last year, 7 of 8 were blacked out and if they perform like they did in week one except every game to be blacked out. Cause if theres one thing the bay hates, is a loser. The Rams and 3 points looks good though. The Raiders might actually decide to show up and finally prove their worth. BIG NEWS!! Ryan Grant out for the year, somebody else important to fantasy geeks? How pissed are his fantasy owners? Everyone saw the Chiefs? The AFC West will be turn upside down this year. The Raiders have a great chance of staying at the bottom. Seriously when have the Raiders last had a winning season? Whatever, my football gambling season off to a great start. A handful of real wages and mostly wins. The SF Giants saved me, ur fans are getting to excited and the Brewers made me money twice the past couple of days. Week 2 games to watch: The Manning Bowl, Texans at Skins, Pats at Jets, and Steelers at Titans.

Kansas City +3


Arrowhead Stadium was rocking last Monday night. The Chiefs have a steady QB, a stud back and a good defense. The makings of a competitive NFL team. The Chargers looked past them. The Browns will not and will make a game of this. They battled against an improving Bucs squad last week and lost late. The Castle is being built in Kansas City.

Arizona +8


Arizona beat division rival St. Louis late in a battle of wills. Atlanta kicked a bunch of field goals against the championship defense of the Steelers. Arizona proved they are better than 8 large points in week one. Look for the Atlanta offense to continue to sputter against an underrated Arizona defense.

Buffalo +14

Green Bay

What does circling the wagons actually mean? I'm not quite sure, but The Swami always says no one circles those wagons like the Buffalo Bills. They will be pumped and ready to go. Football is a battle of wills. Hitting your opponent, so hard, so fast, they will loose the will to win. Green Bay will come out flat without their stud back. Their defense will pick them up, the under in this game looks good.

Tampa Bay +3.5


Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman looks imrpoved from last year. Their defense looks better as well. They might be on their way to a Gruden type stellar and swarming defense the Raiders had when he coached. Carolina is searching for their quarterback. Mikey Moore, or Richard something like that hung with the Giants for a little bit but looked like a rookie in the quarter that matters. That will be the deciding factor in this game, like most, the best quarterback performance will win this game.

N.Y. Giants +6


The Manning Bowl, nuff said. Brothers pitted against each other in an epic duel, maybe we will get a rematch in the Super Bowl. The game will be way closer than 6 points. Does Archie have any more kids play collegiate ball?

New England

N.Y. Jets +3

Rex and Bilicheck. Two hard nosed coaches, defensible minded coaches. Both operate on complete different set of rules when dealing with the media. Rex Ryan embraces the attention and his team and certainly him feed off the attention. Bill Billiceck has the cold water syndrome. Much like a certain Bay Area mayor he splashes cold water on every damn thing. The Hoody despises the media, he their enemy. He only speaks in cliché and boring sports after game interview talk. Must watch on the field and on the sidelines. Epic match up for sure.


Washington +3

The Texans are getting no respect. Wait let me double check the spread...O The Skins are getting no respect after the win against Dallas. It wasn't the prettiest and you probably could say Dallas lost it. But Mcnabb is a proven commodity int the NFL. I'm taking him and the points. And Collinsworth said he is surrounded with the best talent in his entire career during the Sunday Night game. That says more about the frugality of the Eagles than it does Donovan.


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