Sunday, September 12, 2010



N.Y. Giants -6

New York will be rocking in
the new stadium. The younger Manning has learned to deal with out Plexico and the jump ball. It probably made him appreciate the players around him more and maybe he has found some chemistry with the crop of receivers. Carolina is looking to be competitive, but the NFL is a quarterback driven lead. Manning will sizzle in his new stadium while the Panthers will struggle to anything going.


Pittsburgh +1.5

San Leandro prep star, Dennis Dixon will start the season for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They say don't bet with your rooting interest, but this seems like a great fit. Atlanta will be stymied by the tough Pittsburgh defense. Mike Tomlin will not let his team be ill prepared because their star quarterback is suspended. The character of the Steelers will be reveled in this game, look for a head banger and a defense struggle on both sides. 

Cincinnati + 5.5

New England

An intriguing match up. We will learn if Brady's supporting cast can keep him in the Super Bowl hunt. We will also find out if the TO-Ocho experiment will work. I expect them to both to check their egos aside and join in the common goal of playing for the team and a Super Bowl. A close game with several big passing plays. Who ever gambles, like blitzing, and wins will take control of this game.


Washington +3.5

An epic opening Sunday
night game. McNabb, ad Jerry's creation will be the story lines. Can Jerry's squad get to their dream at their stadium. Washington will be a tough test. Hayesworth looks to finally listening to his coach. Dallas comes in being hyped as Super Bowl contender, they might go out as less. With many games left, the Cowboys will have plenty of
chances to answer the critics.

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