Saturday, September 18, 2010



So many teams, so many players and so much fun! College football is getting into mid season form. Cal disappointed already. I won a few baby bets tonight. The Giants paid me as well. The Cal game was a shoot out, I thought both defenses were better. I made a mistake betting the under, 67 points is a whole lot though. My buddy got a little get back but the Brewers came through and won outright. We both needed action on a friday night. Damn, I'm lucky I stayed away from the first game. Kanas got whompleded. Have they won

a game this year? I said I was going to do a whole college preview, prolly not. Is it too late? Prolly, it's week three and I've been busy and things are only looking like I will be busier. So if this not this weekend probably next season. For me, college takes a bit to know the teams, there is a quick turn around. On with theLOCKS! O yea, who is Dunta Robinsion and why didn't I hear about him
before the season started?

Alabama -23


Duke has a football team? Ya, who knew
it. The number one team in the nation will dominate. Next pick please. 


Oklahoma State -7

OK State is quick, talented and well
coached. The word around the street is this game has the feel of hooking up after after fighting with your girl, it's a make up sex game. The two schools have a long history but have been split up since 2000 something. OK state by a bundle. 

Northern Illinois


Illinois leads the Big Ten and ranks
14th nationally with 17 tackles for a loss. I know it's early but that stat reflects a great defense. Big school , small school. Illinois at home, crowd rocking nuff said. 

Arkansas +2


Game of the weekend. SEC football, cream of the crop. Ugga and the bulldoggs. But wait a second, Ryan Mallet is the quarterback. The under looks good in this but watch out you might get a little concussed while watching this. Close game, a true battle and test of wills. But Mallet and the Razor backs will put it out late and win out right. 



The only thing I have to say about this pick is I am questioning it. But UCLA is at home, and need to prove themselves. 

Baylor +17


TCU is a hell of a team, quick, talented, well coached. Baylor has an expeinced secondary. They are no pushovers and will make this a game. 

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