Sunday, September 12, 2010


AFC West


San Diego 10-6

Oakland 7-9

Denver 6-10

Kansas City 5-10


    The Chargers have owned this division over the
several years. Kansas City and Oakland have the bottom feeders of the
division for too long. Both have improved but probably will struggle to
take that next step. Rivers is a proven QB who is looking to build his
legend of dominating the AFC West. Denver will stay average if not
regress, Tebow might see some scrub time. Bill Simmons called Oakland
tailback Darren Mcfadden a fantasy cancer and complained about him not
living up too expectations. With a QB who could reach the flat, look
for his catches to go up and the Raiders to remain comparative in most


AFC East


New York 11-5 BYE

New England 10-6 WC

Miami 6-10

Buffalo 4-12


    Berman always claims nobody circles the wagons more
than the Buffalo Bills, this may be true and their opening match
against Miami looks winnable. That says more about the Dolphins than
the Bills. Both will struggle in this tough division against top NFL
teams New England and New York. WE all watched the spectacle of Rex
Ryan and New York on Hardknocks. We all know what to expect out of New
England, the class of the league over the past several years. But has
Brady's window for a 4th championship closed? New York thinks so. We'll
find out in the divisional play offs.


AFC North


Baltimore 11-5 BYE

Pittsburgh 9-7

Cincinnati 9-7

Cleveland 6-10


    Baltimore's defense is aging, lost CB Samari Roll.
Baltimore's offense is getting better and more expeienced, a various
dangerous combination for the AFC North. Heads will be banging all
season long. Cincinnati's TO-Ocho show will impressive on and off the
field. USC standout Rey Maualuga looks to build from a solid rookie
season and looks to improve the Natti defense. Eminem might want to get
as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall but the QB will be
regretting that decision as he watches at least 4 games from the
sidelines to start the season. The race for this division will seem
tougher than two games, Baltimore will impress and mostly dominate this
division. Everybody else will be scrapping for some crumbs.


AFC South


Indianapolis 11-5

Tennessee 11-5 WC

Houston 7-9

Jacksonville 6-10


    The Indianapolis Peyton Manning's will continue
their dominance. Tennessee will give them the best challenge, hell even
Houston looks like they can hang with Peyton and second year coach
Caldwell. An interesting division race, perennial front runner
Indianapolis will be challenged this year, teams in this division can
smell blood from their lost in the Super Bowl and have that film to
game plan against. Will the balance of power change, probably not but
it will be closer and fun to watch Chris Johnson race for 2,000 yards.


NFC West


San Francisco 9-7

Arizona 7-9

Seattle 4-12

St. Louis 4-12


    The worst of the West. It always seems the NFC West
can be more competitive. It's as if all the teams with out Kurt Warner
have been under achieving and without great quarterback play. Well,
Warner is now in the booth broadcasting Arena league games so this
division has lost its star. 9-7 will win this division. The division
game will be crucial in determining the winner and the NFC West
Division Champion and the play off berth that comes along. The 49ers
have a solid defense, Star Patrick Willis will carry the team to the
playoff and maybe further if they get solid play from Alex Smith who
has yet to prove his draft worth.


NFC East


Dallas 11-5

New York 11-5 WC

Washington 8-8

Philadelphia 7-9


Some say the most competitive division in football over the past
several years. A hard hitting, deep seeded rivalry in each divisional
game. All teams with a proud history. The Cowboys have an opportunity
to play at the own Jerry World in the Super Bowl, not gonna happen.
They will be lucky to get pass their divisional schedule healthy.
Washington will be miles better than last year but will come up short.
Sounds like McNabb's career, maybe next year! Kevin Kolb? When will
Vick take over? Will he get any playing time? Yes, the wild cat is
still in fashion. If Kolb falters early look for Reid to give Vick a
shot for the job.


NFC North


Minnesota 11-5 BYE

Green Bay 10-6

Chicago 8-8

Detroit 4-12


    Favre, Green Bay, nuff said. Cannot wait for this
division fight to take flight. Chicago's Urlacher will look to stay
healthy and be a factor in this division yet again. Aaron Rodgers is
supposed to have a better break out year, like a MVP type season. The
hype machine might extraggeted his skills too much to build up Favre's
return to Labeau. Eiher way, it's on the top games to watch coming into
this year.


NFC South


New Orleans 12-4 BYE

Atlanta 11-5 WC

Carolina 5-11

Tampa Bay 4-12


    New Orleans will be slightly challenged in this
division by Atlanta. Although they have a great chance of sweeping all
games in this division, I see a victory for the Falcons against the
Saints, at least one. Matt Ryan, Matty Ice when his arm is finding the
right receiver down the field. Thats the story of this division. Matt
Ryan and Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. The Saints out on a show Thursday,
look for that to continue through the playoffs.


Wild Card Weekend




San Diego at New England


Tennessee at Indianapolis



San Fransisco at New York Giants

Dallas at Atlanta

Divisional Round




San Diego at Baltimore


Indianapolis at New York


Dallas at Minnesota

New York Giants at New Orleans


Conference Championship




Baltimore at Indianapolis



Minnesota at New Orleans


Super Bowl


Indianapolis 31 V Minnesota 28


I know I predicted this same match up last year. Ya, I'm doubling up on
a epic match up of two epic quarterbacks. Favre was brilliant through
his career but will only find this Super Bowl loss more devastating
than last years interception in the NFC championship, But hey thats
football. Vikings fans will be devastated as Favre walks away from
football as NFC champ but one game short of his goal, On the other side
the Manning legacy continues to grow and last years lost in the Super
Bowl will seem like ancient history. It's a long way until then, We'll
be watching with great intrigue, passion and interest. Here's to a
great fall and new year.

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