Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michael Enright, Alleged Muslim Cab Driver Stabber, Belonged To Pro-Park51 Group (VIDEO)

"Consider this a checkpoint"

I am still wrapping my head around this story. A enraged whacko stabs an arab looking man who he does not know or has ever talk to. Then they report the stabber was working with a group supporting the community center. Next they partially retract that report. Maybe he volunteered.

I am an instant person, I appreciate having loads of information and instant gratification of most things and information. Reporting a story before we know THE BASIC FACTS leads to people coming to conclusions without having the facts presented to them. How can anyone be informed if this is considered acceptable journalism. People are busy and could easily miss the retraction and editing of basic FACTS of a news article.

Come on Huff Post, you are better than this. This is the kind of journalism TMZ practices. Get the some basic facts right before reporting.

This is sad but true, THERE IS NO SURPRISE HERE. The stabber heard there was an extremist mosque being built near his home and felt he needed to take action. He was being told who to blame, saw his target and completed his mission. Lets hope others synthetic to the stabber viewpoint think about the consequences of violence. Luckily the cabbie will walk away as a national celebrity.
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