Thursday, June 17, 2010


Each edition of This Modern World hits on corporate corruption and how republicans use the media to their advantage. Besides the threat of pulling many millions in advertising from news networks; corporations hold other powers in influencing public opinion and eventually public policy. Think tanks buying books in bulk and push talking points into media coverage. King making,horse trading and other scrupulous activity is standard operating procedure in local and national American economics and politics. All of these things can be found in each problem America is facing. Shady loans sold to unexpectedness consumers then packaged and sold to municipalities and businesses as A+ grade loans, slave labor and unsafe products are so egregious they have to be recalled. It took a health care movement to lock us in the current system, forcing us to buy corporate insurance not public.

The republican/conservative/libertarian is really a corporate agenda wrapped up in the cross and the flag. You know this young truth seeker, but is has never been more transparent. In any corporate scheme there are tactics and longer term strategies they deploy to protect their profits. They wrap and rationalized them with examples, The Invisible-Hand-of-The-Free-Market-Man is a creation of corporate America. A myth that if you let private business regulate themselves the market will produce conditions suitable for the county and world said businesses are operating in. We only have to look at all of the shitty mortgages that were sold and the way American manufacturing has been destroyed and big fucking oil volcano still blowing thousands of oil into the Gulf of Mexico to determine that strategy is like letting toddlers eat as much candy as they want to. But truth seeker, you already know this, so lets focus on the hilarious comedy strip This Modern World. The opening frame is classic unto its self. It could be a stand alone poster. I just have to say the design of IHOTFMM is absolutely hilarious, the wrinkle in the palm as a hair line, genius! This comic would be funny if it were not true. We laugh because we do not want to cry. BP has a culture of corporate profit is more important than anything. BP is restricting media coverage the best they can. They forced rig workers to sign papers saying they will not disclose what they saw! They are gearing up for the fight ahead. And when clean up crews started to get sick they blamed the food. This is standard operating procedure in corporate America. Corporate profits are more important than your life, do anything to raise them. The truest thing about this comic is how it portrays what IHOTFMM and his minions think of their opposition, we are just crazy Tree-Hugging-Enviorntemlist-Whacko-Man! Just crazy hippies impeding on the corporate agenda. Excessive Regulatory Over Sight. If you ever hear some one spew this at your face, just laugh, think of this comic and ask them if they really believe it. If they answer yes, ask them how many yachts they own and how many congressman have they bought off.

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