Friday, June 25, 2010

Conservatives Outnumber Liberals More Than Two To One (POLL)

This shows that if you have a big enough microphone, say something enough times and with enough confidence the Pavlov's dog will believe it! Their anger blinds them to the real problems. They cannot step back, take a deep breath, get detached from biases and see the whole problem. Their fear of unfamiliar things, like sensible public policy, unions and other things they are being told caused the mess we are currently in. They are being told who to blame over and over again using the craziest of rationale. Day after day, 24 hours, the corporate message machine bombards their intellect with bold face lies and conspiracies. The illusion of an unbiased, a fair and balanced report is paramount in this. We need to penetrate this message machine and destroy it!
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