Friday, February 5, 2010


The Hype has been long, the wait even longer but on Sunday the NFL season concludes with Super Bowl XLIV. The talking heads seem be to claiming this is just the Saints year, the team of destiny. They have fallen in love with the city of New Orleans and their enduring story. If there was anything I learned from my wagering this year, you cannot bet with your emotions, no matter how much you have fell in love with a team or quarterback. In this unique, American spectacle, an extravaganza of epic proportions. Two quarterbacks who have mastered their craft set to duel in the biggest stage in the football world. This is set up be one of the greatest in history. Peyton and Brees will each get in a rhythm and the defense who can bend their back and limit the offense to field goals will have the advantage. In shocking news, former Colts coach Tony Dungy has predicted a Indianapolis blow out. So far there has yet to be any player gone AWOL and caught up in the madness leading up to the big game. It has been mostly cliché statements from the players and coaches, the hype machine has gotten repetitive. The ball game its self looks to live up to the two week build up. Both teams come into the Super Bowl playing at the highest level. Colts defensive end and star Dwight Freeney, comes in nursing a torn ligament in his right ankle, which has kept him out of practice. The All-Pro defensive end, who led Indianapolis with 3 1/2 sacks, expects to play after some pain shots but probably will limited. The Colts defensive rush needs to step up and pressure Brees, if not, he will pick them apart. This injury could be the difference, if the Colts cannot pressure Brees. But the Saints will be pressured into pressuring Peyton. Peyton is one of the few who looks forward to the defense blitzing. The Saints will provide Manning with plenty of opportunities to find an open spot because of a blitz. Will another Super Bowl end in a last minute play? Probably not, but highly possible. Looks to be a great game!

Saints+5 Colts

Saints 35 Colts 38


SEASON: 49-40

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