Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini

On Thursday January 21, 2010 the United States Supreme Court declared war against Americans. On the moment of hearing the news Americans have declared war against fascism and those wishing to impose their rule on these United States. The Supreme Court was hearing the United Citizens v Federal Elections Commission. United Citizens is a corporate funded group who wants keep their Corporatocracy imposed on America. Average Americans have been put in a position where they are at the mercy of the Corporatocracy by the Supreme Court. The highest court in the land, the institution above all institutions where politics mean nothing and court precedent means everything. The fascist scream and yelled ACTIVIST JUDGES when democrats tried to appoint justices who follow case precedent.

America has a long history of oppression. From the destroying of the Native Americans to Slavery and the robber baron tycoons. Maybe America is entering its final stage of oppressing everybody in the country. The sad thing about this, we should of (some did) see this coming. This was not only years in planning but generations worth of Corporate controlled government. If your in America, look around you. Ask who and where did this keyboard come from? Look at your shopping malls. When I visit places miles apart from each other, why are there the same stores in different malls. Why is there a Macdonald's at freeway exit instead of independently owned and operated and DIFFRENTLY BRANDED operations. While driving along our freeways and visiting shopping centers count how many interdependently owned non franchised operations. Pick any industry and it contains consolidation to the point where there is no free market. When a government does not restrict corporations, the market is made by the corporations, with nothing but profit in mind. The market becomes the wild wild west. The government is there to protect its citizens from businesses who want to make the most money at any cost.


How many hands hold the information that our democracy depends on? 3 maybe 5? How many conflicts of interest there are when a media company owns many companies?

"Instead of redesigning the factory farm to suit the animals, they are redesigning the animal to suit the factory farm."--presidential speech writer Matthew Scully


Study the villains! Push our heroes! Tell each and every person you know and encounter, this is not a political argument, our lives and democracy depends on it. The supreme court decision is not a partisan issue. Progressive organizations and statesmen are asking for a constitutional amendment! !NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Asking state legislatures which are already bought by the fascist are not going to approve this! This is a way to heavy of a lift! This petition is not enough and will be too little too late! The only liberal talker or journalist thats has talked about impeaching these justices is KAREL. This justices over reached need to be impeached. They need to START THE PROCESS OF INPEACHMET for each of the five justices who ruled in favor of a FASCIST STATE.


Our fascist opponents will use their hoards of media power and manipulation to minimize us and point the finger at us, calling us big government democrats. The Republican National Committee sent out a fake census. They will use any trick to help their cause. People will be under counted if they think this census is the real one. This gets at the heart of democracy because if we do not know how many students we have how can we determine how many teachers we need. The fascists want us under staffed, over worked and focus on anything expect public policy. Our overload of information plays into their hands, a low information voter, is how what they want you to be. Over loaded with information about the latest celebrity adultery, sports anything to distract you from their looting of our Democracy. This is awake up call, a call to action a call to non-violent protests. WAKE UP OR BE TRAMPLED UPON!!

That is the present reality. Expecting Obama to be FDR was politically unrealistic. And complaining that he isn't doesn't move anything forward.”--George Lakoff, TruthOut.com

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