Saturday, January 23, 2010

NFL Play Offs: Conference Championship Week

With the Supreme Court ending representative democracy last week people are looking for things seemingly fair. Sports is that thing, all the rules have been set up to be fair and everyone has a equal chance of winning. Life and democracy is not like this. Thats why people love sports it gives them the illusion of fairness. Two games left to determine the combatants in the Super Bowl. Three games left to make a little money. The over riding theme through these playoffs has been the quarterback position. Even in New York, Mark Sanchez has protected the ball and not let his play disrupt the great defense on the other side of the ball and let his running backs carry the Jets to their demise against the Colts. Jets coach Rex Ryan has not asked much of his young quarterback and it has worked beautifully. The Jets are the story right now, seemingly knocked out, only to get back into contention and storm into the AFC Championship game. The Colts, Saints and Vikings expected to be here. Favre and Brees, an epic match of titans in the football world. The craziest thing, my preseason Super Bowl Pick, Manning v Favre, Clots Vs Vikes is alive and seemingly going to come true.

At Indianapolis -8 NY Jets

The Jets proved they can stop anyone on defense. This game will be closer than many think. Manning will not take control of this game, neither will the Jets. The Jets will try and run to control the ball and waste clock, keeping Manning from getting into rhythm. If the Jets force Manning into a couple of turnovers and Sanchez protects the ball, the Jets might be in position to win but Manning has been on fire and looking to roll into his second Super Bowl Victory. The Jets keep it close but Manning and company is too much for the Jets.

Indianapolis 24 NY Jets 20

At New Orleans -3.5 Minnesota

The battle of great quarterbacks. One finishing his long career, the other mastering his craft in his prime. Both teams has been playing stellar defense. Minnesota has more play makers and Pro Bowlers than the Saints but New Orleans has been functioning on high gear as a single unit. The under looks good but these quarterbacks can easily put up some pints if the defense makes a mistake. Both of these defenses do not make mistakes, especially at this points in the season. Whoever gets a turnover, it might spark them to a victory. Sadly the NFL season is ending. It has been a great year, I made a little money, lost some and the football was absolutely fantastic. Time to gear up for basketball, college and then the pros!

New Orleans 27 Minnesota 30


SEASON: 48-39

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