Thursday, January 14, 2010


It hurts to win a single game in a weekend. It sweet to come back with four wins the next. They say it's good to set goals. Brett Favre had one goal in mind when he came back, he will not let it slip away. Was the Patriots beat not that surprising, it's clear they have some work to do to live up to past achievements. Brady and the Hoody might be watching their quest to be greatest in NFL history just slip way from their grasps. History was made last week, the highest scoring game in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers showed he belongs on the block. The pregame hype told the story of how the Packers do not like playing in the cold! Having the road, go threw all dome teams, they hyped to up as an advantage. Thats just bad thinking, a team cannot admit they are weak, especially at home, and will never win oif they cannot protect their home field. The Cardinals showed their weak defense, will they be able to keep up with Brees and the fastest show on turf. The Jets showed they could shut down an average offense, with a hobbled quarterback. Get your popcorn ready,


At New Orleans -7 Arizona

95% of the money line in Vegas is going toward the Cardinals. The over is most certainly a lock, they might set the scoring record again. The Saints giver up ten more yards on the ground and in the air per game than the Cardinals. Both defenses rank toward the bottom of the League. Buit Arizona proved they can play last year and rode a hot streak to the Super Bowl, if Warner is hot and the defense can come up with a few stops, they could outscore the Saints. Drew threw for 8 more touch downs than Kurt. This game is way closer than 7 points.

New Orleans 42 Arizona41

At Indianapolis -6.5 Baltimore

Heads will be banging, my favorite player, Ray Lewis will be storming the castle. The Ravens use the blitz and confuse the quarterback, but there is no fooling Peyton. Flacco threw for 4, thats 4, passes. They did not need their quarterback to make lays but to not make mistakes. The game plan is the same this week. Unfortunately for the Ravens, Manning seems to be in the zone. He is looking forward to attacking the blitz and finning the math ups in the Colts favor. But if the Ravens stop the Colts, they will go on to win the Super Bowl and Ray Lewis will assure he is the greatest linebacker to play the game. But football is the ultimate team game and the Ravens cannot get away with their quarterback completing four passes this week, this is the NFL not Friday Night. COME ON MAN!

Indianapolis 24 Baltimore 21

At Minnesota -3 Dallas

The money on the spread is mostly split. Dallas seems to be paying with rhythm and a sense of urgency. Minnesota stumbled finishing up the season but have the pieces to to roll over Dallas. The Dallas offense is one of the top ranked in the league as well as there rush defense. But their defense ranks toward the bottom of the league. This makes for two interesting match ups. Adrien Peterson against a great defense line and Favre versus a Top ranked secondary. Favre came back to win a Super Bowl but those are the same expectations in Dallas. This is going to be a more than a dog fight, a street brawl, perhaps. Surprisingly the Vikes rank 13th in the league in rushing but have the Williams wall on the defensive line. An amazing match up and Romo has been built up and over hyped the past few week and play well but wont have it. Favre is set to ride out on a white horse into the sunset like the true cowboy he is.

Minnesota 35 Dallas 31

At San Diego -7 NY Jets

The picture is from week 11, when Mark Sanchez threw four picks in a loss. San Diego comes in almost under the Radar with Peyton getting the attention and another MVP, the saloon shoot out in Arizona and the surprise in Cincinnati. New York comes in with a top ranked defense and a rookie quarterback. San Diego come in with an above average defense and a experience quarterback. I love the spread at seven. This is going to be a back alley brawl and determined in the last possessions, probably a field goal. Neither of these teams have a true game changer. L.T. Has lost a step. The Jets are almost dead last in Passing yards, in front of only the Browns. Games are not one on paper. Jets coach, Rex Ryan gave his team a schedule to the Super Bowl giving his team confidence. But I cannot say Sanchez is the franchise and will out duel Rivers.

San Diego 24 NY Jets 17


SEASON: 45-38

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