Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If your team has an elite quarterback, be thankful. Today's NFL is dominated by quarterbacks. The quarterback position demands the most of the mind of any position. There is a reason why the two undefeated teams are undefeated, their quarterbacks have mastered their craft like an artist who paints a portrait. The game of football is like a moving game of chess and the kings are the quarterbacks. If the defense traps the quarterback, that team does not have a a chance, but if it were only that simple. There is a reason why they get paid what they do. And who gets the most salary, the quarterback. The two bay area teams have been searching for a long time now. Some weeks its tough to watch. The quarterback defines the team most of the time, and the Bay teams are defined by their of a great quarterback. Enough of the sob story, Was the Skins Cowboys game a boring a purists game? I said almost unwatchable, others love football more than me, I guess. Now commence with the money making picks.

Green Bay -11.5 At Detroit

The Packers beat an average 49ers team and the Lions are coming off a hard fought victory against the lowly Browns. The Bute and Cal Graduate, Aaron Rodgers looks to be emerging as an elite quarterback but we will not find this out against a Lions teams. Packers in a beat down.

Indianapolis -3 At Houston

Houston will keep this competitive for a quarter or two but Peyton will take over and cruise to another victory. The Houston defense does not have enough weapons to put pressure on Manning for four quarters. Matt Schaub will make this game interesting, he makes good decisions throwing the ball and has a great threat down the field in receiver Andre Johnson. The Indianapolis Manning's by two touchdowns.

At Minnesota -10.5 Chicago

The theme for Chicago season has been interceptions and injuries. Disappointing from the beginning with Brian Urlacher getting put for the season early and their defense has played well but their quarterback play has been shaky. For the Vikings the complete opposite, the defense is ticking like a bomb exploding on defenses. The grizzled old man, the American hero, Brett is having a fairy tale season. Look for this to continue, Vikes by two touchdowns.

At Baltimore -7.5 Pittsburgh

Coming off a disappointing loss against the weak Chiefs the Steelers will win this outright. Pittsburgh will be playing with something to prove. So is Baltimore, this is gonna be a slug fest. My head is already hurting and my vision is getting blurry, don't be surprised when a few players have trouble getting up. I cannot wait for this game. But the Steelers getting this many points, I cannot pass up this bet.

At New Orleans -2 New England

The changing of the guard? The end of a dynasty? Probably not. But for this Monday night, the Saints will be the better team. Motivated and playing for history the Saints will beat the hoody and Tom. The Saints defense has stepped it up and will pressure Brady. They will chop the head off the snake and body will shrivel up. Two great games I am going to win on, looks to be a great weekend.



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