Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When a Community Faces Problems, Leaders Must Rise to the Challenge

When a person is arguing, and the facts work against them, they attack the character of the person. When questioning the fabric of what makes up a person they take the focus away from the facts and put the spotlight on things unrelated to the argument.

The Republican strategy to win elections again is to make The President look like a failure. This serves two causes. It keeps their powerful, connected fascists friends manipulating the agenda of The President, also it makes them the winners by default because the Democrats could not get anything done.

This scenario played out last week when Rio won the 2016 Olympics. Some how they turned The President's humble approach to win the Olympics for The United States into an epic failure. This was a simple microcosm of what the Republicans have and will continue to do to win elections.

"Once social change happens it cannot be reversed."
Caesar Chavez

The responsibility of solving societal problems rests upon the shoulders of businesses, governments and community leaders. The Republican political party is skirting its responsibility to protect the weak, poor, elderly and other troubled people. The ability to solve these problems is what sets us apart from other animals. Our ability to analyze, reflect and plan are central to sustained the type of life we hope to lead. Republicans are using their gifts to suppress the change of status quo, maintaining corporate power as all costs. Their gifts of corporate power and influence on public policy needs to be stopped, from within or crushed from the outside.

Using their tools at their disposal, television, books, and new media the conservative movement will try to prop up its own figures with their own institutions. Sarah Palin is the latest to the this ride on the Republican making adventure. Institutions like the Heritage Foundation will buy Palin's new book in bulk quantities, corrupting the best selling lists.

The misery index is on the rise. This measures not just how many poor people there are, but how hard they are suffering. in a time of need, Republican leaders offer nothing to solve these probelms. Democratrs are finding ways to support solutions and build coalitions to solve problems. The only thing Republican leaders are trying to do are to scare the weak while shepherding the heard. One of the few things Republican leaders are asking of constituents, is

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