Friday, October 9, 2009

Prize Winners and Whackos

Surprised and humbled was how President Barack Obama felt after hearing the news of The Nobel Peace Prize. Fox News was covering a high speed chase all morning, refusing to report, respect and acknowledge the award our President received today. There has been criticism from the left, of course the fascists are screaming the same thing the Taliban is, not deserved, not enough achievements. This attack on The President from the right is just another in the wall of obstruction they attempt to build around anything he tries to do.

I was thinking of trying to explain why the gun totting soccer mom was killed. Of course she had her gun on her person, did she get over powered, did she just loose it and kill her husband and then herself. Was she ashamed to be well known for carry a loaded gun. Was is just karma getting her back for scaring other soccer mom and other at the soccer game. Why am I focused on the why, because no one can figure it out, and I want to. I guess I want to get into the mind of a gun carrying lunatic and ask them WHY the FEEL the NEED to carry a GUN.

"Twice in the past four years, the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to leaders trying to prevent nuclear catastrophe. It's time we listened to their warnings."

The great take away was the Nobel Prize is giving to people with aspirations that will change the world and bring peace to more nations and individuals. Given to jump start, add prestige and respect to all of the goals of the Obama Presidency, nuclear disarmament, health care for all, ending gender and sexual discrimination, ending poverty. All these causes will bring a more peaceful world. This award will bring more people to help support these causes and might be the defining achievement for people in the middle of political spectrum to finally realize the Republicans work against the average persons self interest.

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