Friday, October 9, 2009


WOW 0-5 last week after a 10-11 start the first three weeks. Just when I thought I had a read on some teams, the Jaguars get good, Tennessee gets demoralized four weeks in a row. Thats the NFL, any given Sunday any team can get a win. Play by play, miss one assignment and you will get beat for a touchdown or sacked for a 15 yard loss. Some people think Tennessee Titans are done for the season, might even give up. Not under their coach Jeff Fisher who will not give up, play it play by play, Sunday by Sunday. I will say it again football is a metaphor for life. On with the picks

At Carolina -3.5 Washington

Washington barley got by the Buccaneers last week. Carolina will use their buy week to prepare for the rushing attack of Clinton Portis. The under in this game looks great. This game will be decided by the quarterback play. Jason Campbell has been accurate but unable to make the big play. Jake Delhome has been neither able to be accurate or make the big play. Look for Carolina to run the ball a lot, as well as Washington and this is why I like the under.

Indianapolis -4 At Tennessee

Tennessee has yet show any resemblance to the Titans team last year that won 13 games. The Indianapolis Colts are playing like a team with something to prove. They are looking like the team to beat in the AFC which is no surprise. Tennessee will have the crowd behind them but look for Manning to work the Tennessee secondary.

At Seattle PICK EM Jacksonville

Jacksonville will be looking to get above .500 at 3-2. Seattle will struggle to stop the running game of the Jaguars and if they can get steady from their QB, David Garrard this might be a blow out. Seattle might extra motivated by playing at home, this why it is a pick em.

New England -3 At Denver

This might be the game of the week and Denver might prove they are legit. This game is not a make or break for either team but both teams can make a statement. For Denver, this is a great opportunity to prove to the league that they are for real. Luckily for the Broncos they have home field advantage. The crowd will be loud and crazy. Do not expect any of this to rattle Tom Brady, it looks like he is finding grove again and expect the Hoody to control the game with the rushing attack and Brady will take his shot down field.

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