Thursday, September 3, 2009


My grandmother once told me that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
Much like the talking points on health care, the bulletin points and bumper sticker slogans regrading torture and war policies, are completely absurd and wrong but are re-branded and regurgitated by supposedly important, respected, independent individuals and media outlets. The well funded, well oiled conservative movement must be stopped, one heart and mind at a time. Institutions like the Heritage Foundation are funded by corporate and republican power. The neo-conservative policies that are being sold have been shown to destroy social safety nets, protect corporate power, suppress labor power and make it impossible for poor people to stand a fair chance! Insulations like this seek to restore the Fascist America that was shoved down our throats during the Reagan and Bush presidencies. Think tanks are established institutions we expecting the opposition to use their resources in this way. Worse than neo-conservative think tanks are corporate front groups like the Conservatives for Patients Rights. They all have friendly sounding names. They are all funded by corporate and republican money. Take Americans for Prosperity, a great unifying name. Who can be against prosperity for Americans? The problem is Americans for Prosperity are seeking Prosperity for less than one percent of the population and the wealthiest. My favorite is Americans Against Food Taxes. These scumbags are deceiving individuals who are easily convinced and generally uninformed. Funded by the Soda and Sugar industries, this front group seeks to peddle cheap sugary drink that fatten our kids up and stain their teeth. Items like this are not beneficial nor important for a healthy life. The least we can do to help our cities and States in times like this, is to tax things we do not need, like candy and soda! Makes fucking perfect sense too me. We are not taking the choice way but are reflecting the damage done to your body, the price will reflect a truer value of the candy bar or soda. But the fascist buddies at Americans Against Food Taxes are making insane profits and will not give these up without a fight, so lets BATTLE!!!

Well, Alberto Gonzales was on his way to gaining much needed respect. But Gonzo must have been reached by forces greater than him. The conservative movement cannot have one of their top lawyers implicating fellow Fascists. The turn around is on par with individuals who cower when under pressure from the corporate interests. But we were expecting this from an individual with such moral and intellectual superiority.
In more inserting and inspiring news, progressives in the House are letting their voices be heard and will not cower while under pressure from corporate pressure. Unlike some democrats and all opposition, these noble souls will fight and not give inch, because the opposition owes us many feet!

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