Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Today on MSNBC, David Shuster interviewed senator Olympia Snowe. Snowe is not convinced the public option can work for America, the interviewer did not ask her opinion of the status quo in regards to health care. Shuster did press her on the public option. The line in the sand was drawn, she wants to see America fail.

Corporate power protectors such as, senator like Olympia Snowe have no place in our public policy debate. Like Mallrats, they are not hear to contribute to the debate or offer solutions or reasonable compromises, but to protect the health insurance companies and other big industries.

She is demanding the President drop the public option from the plan to reform health care!


She said with a straight face. I do not know how they do it, they lie so well, all of them. On public records and airwaves. They really treat their citizens as less than pawns. They manipulate and play off of fears of government intrusion and new stuff in general. Self protecting , is their motto, self interested to the bone. The pure opposite of what are elected officials are elected to do, serve for the public good, something bigger then our selves.

This is not just the case in public policy, but what plagues America. Everyday I see ads selling the dream. These predatory capitalists prey on people stuck in a rut, willing to try anything to get rich quickly. The selling of the impossible dream needs to stop, a call to public service should be played on our airwaves, not get rich schemes.

To move the debate forward, the opposition must concede to a public option. But this will put the insurance industry on a level playing field and possibly eliminate them, which is not a problem unless they are funding your campaign and movement. This is where we are at. If the opposition cannot realize this and soon, the administration will move without them. Putting the party of Lincoln, The grand old Republican party fighting against its own citizens. Landing them on the same side as the insurance companies, on the wrong side of history when America realizes it's responsibilities to it's citizens and patriots.

Maybe I think our elected officials should be doing to much, protecting citizens from predatory capatlism not portecting corporate power, am I wrong??? FUCK NO

The senator did not offer any facts supporting dropping the public option! Nor did she she say they were studying other countries where the public option is more than efficient. All that was offered was fear of a government intrusion to ensure the health industry operates a fair and respectable business, is that asking too much?


How about citing sources from other counties that have tried a a pubic option and failed?

How are we moving the debate forward if your side does not concede the public option is a required for true health care reform
. The administration will continue to tread water if Obama is hoping for concessions from Republicans. The President needs to draw a line in the sand, like the opposition has drawn. I think our President will call out Republicans and remind them of the responsibilities when elected to office. Hopefully some senators will realize they do not want to be on the wrong side of history and support the public option and true healtcare reform.

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