Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I believe United States Representative Lynn Jenkins is cold blooded, heartless, unforgiving, RUDE and even lewd. When a person claims that the oil prices have went up because of "excess regulation" they are usually well connected to the oil industry itself or protecting the status quo for their self interest. This woman knows how to play hardball politics in the Bush and Cheney form. The problem, the ground has shifted under these titans of the political argument. Under scrutiny these arguments fail. This is why the democrats have a huge majority and have their man in the White House.

We cannot have elected officials who are unaware of the racial tensions exposed when a white person uses the phrases GREAT WHITE HYPE. SHE WAS UNAWARE!! SHE IS...a freakin scumbag. WHEN A BLACK MAN SITS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. And you have grew up and graduated from Kansas higher education. She musta been... Well I will just say, she is playing her role. But, my thesis, my main point, she needs to recalled, her and minds similar to her little one. WE NEED TO JUS SHOOT EM UP, BIZZY BONE STYLE.

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