Sunday, September 27, 2009



At NY Jets -1.5 Tennessee

The Jets defense is strong, aggressive and plays with heart. Bart Scott, fires up the troops and is leading a strong Jets defensive. Rookie Quarterback Mark Sanchez has shown he is ready to play in the NFL. The Titans have been in position to win the first two games. This might happen again but the Jets defensive will be pumped p at home and make it difficult for the Titans to move the ball.

At Houston -4 Jacksonville

Houston has shown they are ready to compete in the NFL. Last weeks win against the Titans proved their quarterback can lead the team to success in the NFL. The question is can Matt Schaub maintain his steady play, I expect he can. Jacksonville showed no signs of being a competitive football team last week but their lost to the Colts was inspiring and heart breaking. The Jaguars might keep it close but look for Houston to win by at least a touchdown.

At Minnesota -6.5 San Francisco

Two fast paced,hard hitting defenses waging war against each other. Hats will be flying off from all the explosive hits both defenses will deliver. The key is going to be quarterback play. I do not trust Shaun Hill to go into Minnesota and light up the Vikings. I expect a lot of running, from both teams. Two of the best running backs in the league. The 49ers will keep it close but will loose by a field goal.

At San Diego -5 Miami

The Chargers struggled against the Raiders defensive. Miami might fool San Diego with the wildcat. This game will be close all the way. The Chargers have to make up for the loss of L.T. The little man Sproles will do just that, giving Miami a different look, and taking advantage. The Chargers offensive might be to much for the Miami defensive, but the Dolphins know they cannot go 0-3 and expect to make the playoffs. Miami by a field goal.

Pittsburgh -3.5 At Cincinnati

I guess the lines makers take home field serious. At home would the Steelers be 13 point favorites? I think so, they will win by at least 7. The Bengals were robbed by the Broncos in week one. They also showed tremendous heart and determination to beat the Packers last week. But winning back to back games in the NFL is serious business, The Bengals will not cover and might get blown out.

At Dallas -8.5 Carolina

How are the Cowboys almost 9 point favorites? Home field I guess. The win less Panthers will be fighting for their season in week three. Carolina will keep it close by controlling the ball on the ground with Williams. And if the quarterback play is great the Panthers have a great shot a upsetting the Cowboys.

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