Saturday, September 12, 2009


This season I am undefeated, 1-0. Picking the Titans to cover 6 1/2 was easy, everyone knew the offensives would struggle in week one, working off the dust and jitters of the new season. It is just exciting to have football back. On to the locks of the week.

At Baltimore -12.5 Kansas City

Take Kansas City with the 12 1/2 points. Matt Cassel proved he is a real quarterback last season winning 11 games on a fabulous patriots team. The difference, no Randy Moss or Bill Billicheck. Baltimore will win this by at least seven points but no way is this a route. Kansas City will be fired up for the new season and heart goes a long way in football.

Philadelphia -2.5 At Carolina

Philly is a guarantee to win this game over Carolina. The Panthers are weak on defensive, especially the secondary, look for McNabb to go deep to DeSean Jackson a few times and hit on a long score. Philly by at least 6.

Minnesota -4 At Cleveland 40

When a team thinks they have two quarterbacks they usually do not have one. Brady Quinn will defiantly get bumped around, hit hard and will falter under the pressure of the NFL. Weather he bounces back after the loss at home against the Vikings will be up to him, he has the talent but will the work ethic and focus come this season.

At NY Giants -6.5 Washington

This will be a hard fought, heavy weight battle to open the season. Both teams will beat up on each other. This game will be decided by 3 points or less. Look for Jason Campbell to manage the game and take his opportunities on play action. The Redskins will run the ball and often. Manning will continue to struggle around the goal line with out a tall receiver to throw a jump ball to.

San Diego -9.5 At Oakland

Look for Oakland's run defesive to imrpove with Richard Semour finally letting his prejustices go and will just play football. San Diego might destroy the Raiders like they did last year on opening day but the Raiders have an improving rush defsesive and will be able to run the ball with the three headed monster opf Fargas, McFadden, and Bush. The biggest question is the arm of young quarterback Jamacus Russell. Look for the big man to step up this year, his second full year and the third is where the we get a truse sense of weather the pick will be boom or bust. I do not think Oakland can win this game but will keep it within strking distance, and anything can happen in the NFL so look for an exicting game Moday night in Oakland. I will of corse have my eye-patch on and will be rooting for the Raiders. I am just glad to have football back!

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