Saturday, September 12, 2009

NFL WEEK ONE: NFC Preview and Predictions

WOW!!! What a game Thursday night. Hard hitting, two teams battling for a win, tooth and nail, freakin FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE! Ya, I am just excited to have football back. I woke up today and picked up the sports page excited to see some high school scores after a disappointing Friday Night game on Comcast last night. San Leandro lost to a very talented and well coached Valley Christian team. Valley Christian has a stud sophomore who broke a 60 yard run with a couple of moves that made San Leandro look silly. San Leandro needs to work on playing as a team, finishing drives and quarters if they want to have a chance to defend their HAAL crown. Anyway, enough about high-school football, lets talk about the NFC and my preview and predictions.


ST. LOUIS 6-10

Arizona is the clear favorite. Warner will lead the Cardinals to another playoff appearance at least. Their stud wide receivers will open the field for the run and score on a lot of deep passes. Like in the super bowl, if the Cardinals will fail, their defensive will be their weak spot. St. Louis has a competitive team but does not have enough weapons to challenge Arizona. San Fransisco will continue to build and get better but at least a year away from division contention.


Washington 11-5
Philadelphia 11-5
New York 9-7
Dallas 7-9

Dallas supporters will claim their has been addition by subtraction. Getting rid of Terrel Owens was the same mistake, the 49ers and Philly made. Washington has sured up their defense with the addition of Albert Haynesworth. The emerging quarterback of the division will be Jason Campbell. His sixth year in the league will be his defining one. With Clinton Portis totting the rock, Hayesworth disrupting the offensive and steady quarterback play by Campbell the Redskins win the division but just barley. On thing for sure these teams are all talented and are going to beat up on each other. Dallas will struggle getting the ball to their newly appointed number one Roy Williams. Romo will struggle but keep the Cowboys in most games but do not have the defense to stop these potent offensives.



A lot of people are questioning if Brett Favre has any thing left in that arm. The man is the ultimate competitor, willing to destroy his body for the good of the team. With Adrien Peterson running over most defensive tackles and secondary the Vikings are not going to ask Favre to win a lot of games. Favre will manage the game and Brad Childress will tell him when to take his shots at the deep ball. Look for Favre to bomb it down the field on play action pass and the Vikings to win a lot of games. Chicago will certainty have better quarterback play but lack a great running back, in this division it is going to be hard to compete and control the ball like Minnesota and Green Bay. The Lions have a lot to learn and will several games this year but will finish at the bottom.



New Orleans is the favorite but do not be surprised if Carolina or Atlanta finish on top of this division. New Orleans have the steady arm of Drew Brees and the multi use back Reggie Bush. Look for Bush to catch a ton of passes out of the backfield and the slot. This will open the field for Brees who will make all of his wide outs better. Atlanta will be fighting for the division, the lack of a big play wide out will hold them back, but their strong offensive line and running game will help them control the ball and allow for them to be in games when the fourth quarter comes around. Carolina has a shot at the division crown but their defensive will let their offensive down. Tampa bay will suffer from a coaching change and expectations should not be high.

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