Monday, September 14, 2009


NFL week one was bone crushing, blazing fast and as always, a few surprises. Like last year, the NFL losses a marque player, the Bears, Brian Urlacher. The loss of Urlacher will keep the Bears out of any shot for a wild card spot and will have an even tougher road to even contend in the fierce NFC North. The Denver win was too lucky to talk about. The 49ers look like they need a wide receiver but have a great defensive or I think, Kurt Warner was rusty, maybe complacent with last years success. The season is looking promising to San Francisco fans, but their first round draft pick is going to re enter the draft? HAS THAT EVER HAPPENED? Probably with fifth or sixth round picks who more skills to build and more experience to garner. I cannot imagine a scenario where the 49ers do not pay him the money he wants.

The most interesting game this week, is the game in Oakland. The Raiders have lost 11 straight to San Diego. PURE OWNEGE!!! I do not know if the Raiders will be able to stop Ladiaian Tomlinsion or Philip Rivers. This game could turn out like last years blowout on Monday Night. I believe the Raiders and newly acquired Richard Seymour will play their hearts out, leave it all on the field and cover the spread and not lose by more than 10. Of course I think the Raiders can win, but have yet to prove anything. Rooting I will be doing, wagering, not so much.

And they said he had nothing left! If Brett Favre and Adrien Peterson can both stay healthy and productive, and Minnesota does not suffer any big loss to injury, I believe they are the best team in the NFL. They certainly have the best running back. The NFL is always about ball control and defense. The Vikings play great defense and A.P. will tote the rock, running through defensives. Unlike past years and teams where Favre did carry the team on his back, he has a supporting cast capable of huge things when they have a great quarterback. Adrien Peterson can run over any defensive and Favre will accept his role as the steady hand at the till. Choosing his few chances a game, Favre will usually go deep with play action, which the defensive will bite on any A.P. fake. The key to the success of the Vikings is the running game and defense. Favre will play care taker. I do not see any team scoring enough points against the tough Viking defensive with the Williams bothers holding up any running game the opposition comes up with.


Minnesota 28 v Indianapolis 24


Minnesota 28 v Philadelphia 24
Indianapolis 35 v Baltimore 30


Minnesota 21 v Washington 20
New Orleans 30 v Philadelphia 35

Indianapolis 24 v New England 23
Baltimore 17 v Pittsburgh 14


Arizona 28 v Philadelphia 31
Washington 24 v Green Bay 17
San Diego 24 v Pittsburgh 28
New England 35 v Tennessee 21

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