Thursday, September 10, 2009


This guy is so pathetic I do not even want to make the mistake of making mountains out of molehills. But this gets to the core of the issue. In a nutshell, it is what plagues our democracy. In June 2005, Wilson responded to calls for torture investigation by questioning the Patriotism of democrats. Wilson told this lie with a straight face.

"is just inconceivable and truly incorrigible that in the midst of the war, that the Democratic leaders would be conducting guerrilla warfare on American troops." Wilson called the proposal for investigation "another example of some democrat leaders trusting the words of terrorists over the proven decency of U.S. troops."

Wilson is an unrepentant fascist, willing to protect his power at any and all costs. Was doubt forced upon our whole democracy after a congressman screams liar after the President stated facts. I believe our democracy suffered on some level, but we cannot focus on one person, but the whole process. Is there room for compromise when the opposition still wants the public to think any health care reform efforts will cover illegal immigrants? Unless the Republican party is planing big concessions they WILL BE RAN THE FUCK OVER, LANDING THEM IN THE LAND OF POLITICALLY IRRELEVANT FOR GENERATIONS.

We must question his legitimacy when his mouth and arms move like a puppet for the health insurance companies. Top funders to political pacts and campaigns during the 2008 election cycle were the American Hospital Association, Astra Zeneca, a global pharmaceutical titan, and corporate powerhouses AT&t, Honeywell who was acquired by General Electric and SCANA
an energy company based in South Carolina. All of these interests are expecting their man to defend corporate power in the most vile of ways, shouting during the address to congress, I do not believe this was spontaneous, but probably incited if not planned by corporatists who had the old yeller's ear and pocket. Hoping the yell will gain traction with the heard and discourage people working hard for reform. The scumbag has even setup a environmental front-group.
Cleaverly titled Voice for Tress PAC, there is little or no press on the group, either bad or good. There is Republican money moving around this PAC though, and it is being misrepresented and surely not giving trees a voice. I was originally planning to share my thoughts on the Republican response delivered by some politically irrelevant person and party, it may not be worth the time!

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