Thursday, September 3, 2009


An Empire is not built in one day. America has been under attack and in the clutches of corporate fascism for awhile. Like an octopus the fascist have their tentacles around our democracy. The K Street project was the brain child of three well connected individuals, people who seek power, fortune, fame and a American Aristocracy. One percenters, fascist is a fitting label. These power hungry sharks are Grover Norquis, Rick Santorum, Tom DeLay. This project seeks to restore the corporate fascism that was forced upon us during the Bush years.


Free trade is manipulated by the corporatist to ensure wages are down, labor unions and power are suppressed and broken if possible, the general value of a product and labor is not reflected in the price and corrodes the market value of any item. Externalized costs, such as cheap labor and cheap resources will not allow for true cost of an item when small businesses in America cannot exploit their wage earners but compete with the corporations that can take advantage of third world countries and reap more profit. This is why we do not need free trade, our taxes and trade agreements must reflect the true value of labor and resources. A tax burden on must be placed on those who exploit resources and workers.

The scumbags who peddle lies and fear come from many different voices, but all echoing the same chorus. Power is built is numerous ways, religious community, business, political and straight up lobbyists, strategists and whackos. These institutions are setup similar to Astroturf in a stadium. Hired workers build and care for the field and the sheep follow the heard. Religious leaders, chambers of commerce, associations of Doctors are all created and manipulated by the tyranny of fascism. Our democracy, at least in the near future, will not be free of the influences of corrupt corporate power but we can expose and destroy their influence.

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