Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Consumer advocates and backers of a regulation overhaul are deeply concerned that handing the committee to Johnson would be a death sentencefor reform

There are some people who just excel at most things they do. There are also people who struggle with everything they do. I am the later, I know the progressive agenda will be fought tooth and nail. I know who we are up against! Before we can defeat the opposition we must have our own cards in order. Tim Johnson is not on our team. He is a supporter of payday advance loans. The loans that these scumbags push are sold to low income, needy people. These people are freakin broke! They do not consider other options, if they have any, all they know, is they need money. Instead of ponding a value object and being charged a reasonable rate, these shady thugs rates are similar to loan sharks. How can a conspirator that fights to protect a heartless corporation be called a democrat?

Lets take my favorite commercial featuring my second favorite little man, Gary Cole

Gary Cole himself was probably out of money himself and a corporation needs a person who everyone can relate to. They make a move comminalnly made in public life put lipstick on a pig. This enormously popular individual will divert our attention from the insane rates they loan money at and focus it at his big black bald head and his interesting American story. These corporatist, actually are purely fascists, will do anything to deceive us and protect their fascists friends.

DAMN NEAR ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY PERCENT!!! Do loan sharks charge more? How is this not taking advantage of poor people? These must be regulated and we MUST BE ABLE TO SET A NUMBER to limit the intrest they can charge. Will they compromise at 70% or a more reasonable but insane 50%? The problem is, that is hitting their profit directly!!! We cannot let one class of people explot another. This is class warfare, it perpetuates the poverty cycle and should be halted as soon as possible.

"Are you here to congratulate the chairman on his consumer protection victory?" Johnson joked with the reporter, referring to Dodd's sweeping credit card reform that had passed that same day. The reason that was funny: Johnson was the only Democrat to vote against the bill and side with the credit card companies.

The only democrat to vote against the consumer protection bill! There is something going on. From a man who received most of his campaign money from the Insurance, Banking Real Estate, and other huge industries with profits to protect (check out open secrets.) This shady indvidual voted for the Bush tax cuts back in 2001. This guy's suit should look like a Nascar jacket, with Cash Call, Blue Shield, AXA, Capital One, Wells Fargo and other huge corporations that this Benedict Arnold is protecting instead of his constituents. Another thought floating around in my head is how these fascists use religion to their gain. I do not want to express my self regarding these political and religious opportunists. I will address this another time.


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