Friday, September 25, 2009


Corporate power is protected by several types of groups and in many ways.

Straight up front groups, lobbying firms, public relations firms, corporate advocacy groups, Senators, Congressmen, churches, media outlets and other status quo protecting organizations will fight to keep their power.

All of these institutions are funded by corporate money, to keep the status quo. In the ongoing health care fight, the usual suspects are fighting, tooth and nail to keep the status quo. The conservative advocacy group Freedom Works has been stirring up fears of government, change and really saying anything to keep the status quo. Funded in part by and created by well known scumbag Dick Armey. Working with lobbying groups and public relations firms like the DCI group, corporate power in America is being consolidated, gaining influence and fighting to keep the status quo. The clueless Teabaggers are being taken advantage of, fighting against their own self interest while protecting corporate power. Law firms like DLA Piper are international in influence, wealth and power. Protecting oil profits by fighting emissions standards, claiming clitmate change is not man made. Groups like The American Petroleum Institute will peddle lies and protect the absurd profits made by international corporations. Powerful, corrupt and devilish, corporations will try and rebrand a problem with out fixing it. BP is a great example. A $200 million advetising campaign was forced upon our television screens and print media. Regdardless of how much they are investing in green technology, I am forced to watch advetisments try and rebrand a fossil fuel company. These crooked groups work together, fighting real grass root efforts, real science and real change to protect their corporate power.
There are some institutions and elected officials who seem to be on our team. Catholic Bishops are gaining support through their congregations. Unlike some, Bishops have stated how health care should be viewed:

Bishops Statement Regarding Health care.

"Health care reform needs to reflect basic moral principles. The bishops believe access to basic, quality health care is a universal human right not a privilege."

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