Friday, August 21, 2009


Its getting serious, I mean, it has been serious.

If the democratic congress refuses to listen to the voices of voters, voters will take action. WE ARE PLAYING HARD BALL. NO ACTION MEANS NO VOTE. Plain and simple language from voter blocks who voted in droves for our president. We are only asking what we were promised in those inspiring speeches, during that inspiring election.

Faith leaders across the country have recognized their role in health care reform. On Wednesday, President Obama briefly addressed over 140,000 concerned people of faith. Kicking off a 40 day faith based sprint to the finish. Pressuring elected officials, rallying supporters, gaining back the moral argument. Hosted by originations like OCO Oakland Community Organizations and COR Congregations Organizing for Renewal both affilated with PICO the president reminded us of who we are up against, referring to the fight for social security decades ago. A hopeful message from both the president and PICO leaders, also a call to action to anyone not acting.

In other news,
The cutest girl in news, Rachel Maddow made here first appearance on Meet the Press.

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