Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More bizzaro world proof.


Time traveling enthusiasts might argue their are many different time-lines, some times I believe we are on the bizzaro world time-line. A world where elected officials, businessmen, and people in power work to protect their own and prevent those given less to start with from gaining their fair share. These one %'s deceive and take advantage of people who are easily convinced. Keeping the status quo is the goal, protect the top 1 % and let everyone fight for the scraps! These Benedict Arnold's take advantage of peoples faith, rallying the crazy abortionists, and others who exploit the holy. Just agitators, is what I told a friend. They do not seek do join the discussion or add anything, like mall rats, they are just there, turning our civil discourse into a playground shouting match.

A "GREAT WHITE HYPE" is what will bring this corrupt party back to power. Not reaching out to struggling communities, working with democrats to achieve healthful reform or anything! They want to paint lipstick on a dirty ass pig. The biggest growing electorate, we know, is non white people. So they are trying to fit a square peg into a circle. The worst part about this, we are currently operating on a two party system, and one of the parties are protecting the least but wealthiness. We need to change from with in or destroy the current one. Our country cannot let these fascists back in power at any level!

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