Friday, July 24, 2009

RNC report: Ignore polls, facts instead thrive on your fear of government, business as usual.

The HuffPost acquired another Republican National Committee (RNC) document. Just as the last one proved, they are on the side of the health insurance companies, among other interests as well. This is nothing new; most of us know the score. In order for us to achieve a single payer system we must stop the RNC and its buddies in their tracks. This will be done by calling, writing, e-mailing and protesting anyone who opposes us. The responsibility lies with us, this is our time, if we cannot get it done soon it will never happen. We have our horse in the race, controlling the White House, Senate and House, hope will surely take a blow, and many good Americans will search for a better county if we fail and Obama fails us!

After recognizing this is our responsibility, we must act like this is war. The other side is already armed with nuclear type arguments. We must fight lies with truth, deception with inclusion and enlightenment. Links to the right here, will help get you started. Remember talking to strangers at coffee shops, dinners, and stores will be just affective as contacting your congressmen. The word of mouth is our most lethal weapon, my friends tell their friends who tell 3 more of there friends, and so on. I believe we have all ready achieved an organic consensus. The people in power, who oppose us, will fight to the death to protect their money and interests over their closest needy neighbor. These people need to be voted out, pushed out and no longer to peddle lies and fear like it is the truth.

Failure is not an option. In every industrialized nation they have a national health care plan. The US is 34th in infant mortality(WHO.) Private industry competes with public options in some countries. Why is our system setup without a public option? 35% of our healthcare (WHO) dollars go to executives and people who deny coverage, getting bonuses for denying people for any reason the industry sided laws allows. Imagine if executives got reasonable salaries, how much would premiums go down. We will never find out, unless the government sets up a public option where they will pay reasonable salaries, cover everyone. This would result in preventative care to become the status quo, not emergency room visits like it currently is, in turn bringing our emergency room cost and visits down. Although we are still accepting undocumented people in our emergency rooms, and keeping them out of the system puts the burden on the emergency rooms when these people need care. These people need to be put on a path to citizenship so they can pay their part and reap the benefits as well. Although part of the problem and in needed of a solution the American public seems only capable of solving one problem at a time, if any.

Stay focused, diligent and STRONG Young Truth Seekers.

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