Saturday, March 10, 2007


So you intrested in getting free stuff from the internets.
Using Torrents and LimeWire Pro
    1. Step numero uno. You need a torrent program. I use BitTorrent. Click on link and download.
    2. Change a few options after downloading and istalling.
    3. Dont allow it to startup when you start ur computer. Click on view then setting.
    4. Uncheck boxes Enforece torrent, launch bitTorrent on windows startup.
    5. Under the saving tab, choose a location to download.
    6. Its easiest to make a new folder maybe called Torrent Downloads, it can get messy if not oganized. You got the program now we need the sites.
    7. Visit these sites for ur downloads.
    8. My fav (has lots of seeded torrents more on seeds later).
    9. BushTorrents.comFrom the White House! Lots of good stuff.
    10. They got all kinds of torrents.
Tips on Downloading Torrents.
  • Its all about seeds. If no ones is sharing the file u cant download it.
  • Watch out for virsues and stuff. Maybe you should scan what you downloaded before you open it.
  • Browse through all catorgies, all kinds of shit is out there, I found the Metallica Discography.
  • Sort search results by seed, you will find more active torrents this way.
  • Torrents are not the best for everything. They are best for full album downloads, programs or appz, porn, DVDs and videogames pc, ps3 xbpx360 whatever.
  • Some files require you so get around security measures and other things.
  • If you are downloading music, some files come in .zip or .rar get WinAce
  • If you are downloading games or appz be fimliar with.bin and .iso know how to use them. Google them and read.
  • What do the colors mean on the download bar. Green, gray n red.
  • Green is good, torrent is downloading the section that is green
  • Gray is also good, The file is out there, just need to connect and download it.
  • Light Green - Piece in process of downloading
  • Dark Green - Piece finished downloading
  • Seeds, Seeders, Leeching and lechers.
  • Seeds are people who have the full or partial file.
  • Leechers are who are downloading it, you dirty leech, not seeding anything. Its ok you will be seeding all day in a few days.
  • If a torrent is not starting, its RED, delete it and try to find another one with more seeds!
  • Be patience files can be huge and take days to download.
I think that about covers anything, if not post a comment and i will answer ur problems.

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