Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Red Horizon

Definitely the best new band I have heard in a while. Check em out on myspace, click the. banner

or visit their website

Red Horizon exploded on to the local California music scene in 2004. Since their start they have created a buzz all over the west coast. Red Horizon has been picked up on several radio stations including satellite, local, and college stations which have only helped the group with there snowball effect of momentum. There shows are always anticipated by huge crowds waiting to see one of the hottest new acts today. The band started from the bottom and the only place for them to go is up, and by the looks of things they're headed to the top. The band is consistently playing in front of large crowds, anywhere from 150 people to 1500 full capacity audience. In 2006 Red Horizon competed in two Battle of The Bands competitions placing first in both of them. All the passion that their music and live performance brings, follows them in every stop building their fan base day by day.

Sounds Like a polished modern rock/alternative band with mainstream melodies, lush instrumentation and metal/hardcore breakdowns

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