Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tiger Woods Buick Invitational and the crazy fan tackle

Tiger Woods tackles crazed fan; defends his clubs.
It was in sunny San Diego at a local country club when a golfer attacked a crazed fan. The attack came Saturday afternoon around noon when the last group of the day was rounding the ninth hole. In the group was, golf legend, Tiger Woods playing with a couple of tour players. It was the Buick Invitational, Tiger was lining up to sink a ten foot put. In the middle of his backstroke Tiger saw an image out of the corner of his eye. It was like a flash, Woods saw a man running from the gallery to his clubs. The man snatched up Woods clubs and tried to make his way off the course with Tigers clubs. Tiger being the stud that he is, gave chase for the crazed fan. Where YOU GOING WITH THOSE CLUBS PUNK, flew from Woods mouth as his feet moved into motion. Tiger lowered his shoulders like a football player and deliveries a massive hit, causing the man to hit the ground hard even bloodying the golf fan’s nose. When questioned later, the fan said he was going to SELL THEM ON EBAY. When asked about the hit, Woods said he was not going to let a thug take his clubs. He also expressed his worries about replacing the set of clubs.

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