Wednesday, January 31, 2007

San Diego Charger Saftey; Public urniationn, ANOTHER NFL THUG

San Diego Super Charger Terrence Keil was getting into some trouble lately. The player was cited for urinating in public last month, his second run-in with the law in less than three months and the eighth by a San Diego player since April. This thug was outside of a strip club and decided to relieve himself were he thought he could not be seen.

Another example of the culture of the NFL and young affluent athletes.Are you surprised? I’m not. What can you expect when your weekly routine consists of a high-class strip clubs, high-class dance clubs among other nightlife associated within the cities of the US. Seriously these guys are always hanging out at strip clubs, getting mad faded. Usually something bad happens; thank god it was only something stupid a guy stumbling into a back ally and whipping out his Johnson to releave himself when there is a bathroom in the club. It could have been worse someone could of, someone could of smudged some ones Puma, and a thug from the players posse would have check that jig and pull out his piece.

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